ABS Repair

The Antilock Brake System (ABS) is a feature that comes standard in virtually all modern cars now that provides superior safety and control, more so than older, traditional brake systems. The ABS in your car makes braking easier in quick stop scenarios, and provides protection against skidding.

ABS System Repair

If your ABS light is on, or the pump on your ABS is running constantly, it can drain your battery and burn out the pump. Before this happens, you can remove the fuse and have it replaced with little impact on your vehicle, saving you from needing a more extensive replacement of the whole unit.

ABS System

The Antilock Brake System uses sensors to monitor individual wheel speed and determine whether a wheel is going to lock during braking. If the wheel starts to lock, a series of hydraulic valves work to reduce braking, saving your car from skidding.

Even in last-minute or short stops the ABS will help your car stop solidly, extremely helpful in wet or slippery road conditions.

As with all technology in vehicles, it is important to make sure your ABS is well maintained and running properly. There are a few common things to look out for on your anti-lock brake system.

The ABS light could also indicate:

  • Pump motor failure or error
  • Wheel sensor error
  • ABS power loss
  • ABS relay codes
  • Missing wheel sensor signal
  • Or other potential issues

It's important to routinely check your brake system, just like maintaining your tires or oil, to ensure fluid levels are maintained, that seals and gaskets haven't deteriorated, and that the sensors are clean enough to function fully. Keeping this system maintained will make sure your car has maximum stopping power, and will keep you, your passengers, and your vehicle as safe as possible.

We can repair any malfunctions in the anti-lock brake system, electrical or mechanical.

Recommendation: Get your brakes checked regularly, as recommended by your manufacturer. If the ABS light turns on, bring it into us immediately and we'll make sure it's not just an electrical or sensor malfunction. And make sure to stay off wet roads while the lights on!

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