The electrical systems within our vehicles are more complicated than ever. Luckily, they are also easier to diagnose and repair with the proper equipment. At Saddleback Automotive Repair, we have manufacturer-certified diagnostic tools and years of experience servicing electrical issues. We take pride in our ability to diagnose electrical problems quickly and in our ability to repair them without complication.

We can fix all systems in the vehicle:

  • Door locks
  • Windows
  • Lighting systems
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Battery replacement

…and anything electrical!

Electrical Automotive Repair

In your vehicle, most mechanical functions nowadays depend on electrical components. Most newer vehicles are controlled by a complex network of cables, wires, sensors, and computers all working together to keep your car running. If communication along these wires is hindered or interrupted, it could have major consequences for several components of your vehicle and engine.

If your vehicle doesn't feel right, or appears to be having any electrical problems, our service professionals are ready to help. At Saddleback Automotive Repair, we focus on an honest and transparent approach that keeps our customers in control of the health of their vehicles.

We're ready to assess your car or truck and get you back on the road as quickly, safely, and affordable as possible.

We use equipment and scanners similar to those used in dealership service departments and are confident our certified technicians can diagnose your vehicle's electrical problems. Schedule a consultation today.

Our Approach to Electrical Issues

At Saddleback Automotive Repair, we take a serious approach to locating your vehicle's problem and minimizing the cost of repairs. This means avoiding the guesswork and minimizing your wait in the lobby. And if you prefer, we're more than happy to give you a ride home or to work in a courtesy shuttle.

There are a number of red flags that indicate the need for a servicing of your vehicle's electrical system. In some cases, what seems like a major problem can turn out to be merely a software bug. In today's world, computers control most cars; Our technicians will make sure you don't waste money on diagnostics and parts by testing your vehicle's computers system BEFORE recommending repairs.