Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

Whether it's your car driving differently, a new sound/smell coming from your engine, your check engine light blinking or lit up solid on your dashboard, it can be hard to know what is going wrong with your vehicle.

That's why we believe no matter how big or small an issue, it is always best to get it checked promptly. Ignoring the issue could cause extensive damage or dangerous engine failure.

Check Engine Light on?

Checking an entire engine for a possible problem could be painstaking work, but thankfully your car is built to help. No matter what problem has appeared, our trained technicians can diagnose the issue with the help of your car's computer system.

New technologies continue to grow in the auto industry, and for years now cars have been equipped with special computers to help diagnose engine issues. The computer system in your car routinely checks all its systems to make sure they're running correctly.

When you come in for a diagnostics check you can rest assured that our qualified staff will:

  • Scan your car's on-board computer
  • Find and record the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and their descriptions
  • Check for any associated issues that may be recurrent with the make and model of your vehicle
  • Visually inspect the specified engine system to check for obvious fixes
  • Further testing and analysis to find the issue
  • Accurately provide an estimate for service

With the help of the computer system already in place in your vehicle, we can find what's causing that shake, rattle, smell, or light and get you the help you need to be back on the road.

Contact us at Saddleback Automotive for vehicle diagnostic services.

At Saddleback Smog & Auto, we perform vehicle diagnostic tests on every make and model.

Like a doctors diagnosis a patient's symptoms using various methods, we'll diagnose your car with vehicle diagnostic software that reads your cars computer and reveals the source of the problem.

At Saddleback Automotive, we strive to provide you with an alternative to dealerships by providing the vehicles, and you, with excellent service and the best possible repairs.

We are continually updating and upgrading all of our diagnostic equipment in order to serve our clients confidently, knowing that despite all the changes in technology, we are prepared for any automotive challenges that come our way.

Automotive Repair for South Orange County

If you notice a check engine light on your dashboard, your on-board computer recognized a problem and is warning you.

Whenever there is an issue a specific code is created and logged by the computer, and our trained technicians can access these codes to diagnose exactly where in your engine the issue lies.

While the computer takes a lot of the guesswork out of engine diagnostics and repair, it can only specify a general location or system experiencing issues, the technician will perform further testing and checks to find the exact problem.