Repairing Classic Cars in Newport Beach

Not all auto repair shops take on the task of repairing and maintaining older, classic cars, and it's understandable why. There are several reasons why a dealership or mechanic may avoid older cars, it requires the stocking of older, more unusual parts, it can take specialty training that not all employees have, and the jobs can take longer than servicing newer cars, taking up time and space in a shop.

Classic Car Mechanics in Los Angeles & Orange County

Many dealerships focus on selling and servicing newer cars simply for the fact that it's more financially feasible. But for a shop to specialize in classic car service, the rewards can outweigh the costs.

Even in a market where new cars provide the most business, there are some classic brands, and franchised dealerships associated with them, that have found the value in classic car work. Auto manufacturers and dealerships have noted a growing number of luxury classic and collectible cars being purchased and restored, obviously these cars will need maintenance, maybe more so than their newer counterparts, and unless their owners are trained in auto repair, they will need a place that can accommodate their older car.

Technicians who are specially trained for classic car work, and shops that supply classic parts play an important role for those who own or collect these vehicles.

Automotive Services for People who love their Cars

Because classic cars are often more expensive compared to newer market vehicles, and because of the history associated with them, their owners often hold more of a fondness and care about them than those who choose to own modern cars. The service, repair, and restoration of older cars can be a more painstaking and specific job, so even a small number of clients can be a positive business for a classic dealer. Being an auto shop with the training and supplies to service classic cars can provide a small, but loyal stream of business, even repairing just one brand of classic car. And dealerships can see an influx in business simply because of the reputation of having the expertise to handle older vehicles.

Owners of vintage cars need to feel at ease that their collectible is in good hands, and that it will receive the repair and care that it needs. To find a service shop you can trust with your classic car is to make a lasting relationship.

Saddleback Automotive Smog & Repair

At Saddleback Automotive, we strive to provide you with an alternative to dealerships by providing the vehicles, and you, with excellent service and the best possible repairs.

We are continually updating and upgrading all of our diagnostic equipment in order to serve our clients confidently, knowing that despite all the changes in technology, we are prepared for any automotive challenges that come our way.