We No Longer Offer Smog Testing

We decided to discontinue smog testing so that we could focus purely on automotive repair services, and deliver a higher quality of service to our wonderful clients. If you need a smog check we can recommend a reputable test-only center.

- Saddleback Mgmt

At Saddleback Auto Repair & Smog, we're certified to smog all vehicles, including vehicles that require regular smog checks, and gross polluters. The State of California requires new and current residents to have their vehicle smog-checked in order for it to earn or maintain registration. These tests are used to hopefully improve the quality of air we breathe, to monitor potentially dangerous emissions from vehicles, and to reduce the air pollution caused by the millions of cars driven in the State.

For current residents, this means that you must take your vehicle to a smog-check inspection center every two years in order to renew your registration.

For those who have recently moved to California, you must get your vehicle tested at a smog-check center within 90 days of establishing residency, even if your car has passed a similar emissions test in another state. There are some exceptions to these requirements, depending on the vehicle.

Smogging your car in Southern California

You will typically receive a notice with your registration renewal if your car is due for a smog test, but there are some general guidelines for what cars are subject to the biennial tests. Most California vehicles (gasoline-powered, alternative fuel, hybrid) that are model-year 1976 and newer, are required to be smogged every two years. But it does not stop there, vehicles that are diesel-powered, weigh 14,000 pounds and less, and are model-year 1998 and newer also require testing.

When do you smog check?

Vehicles do not need to begin being tested until they are six model-years from the current year.

  • This means if you own a car with a 2014 model-year, you won't need to get a smog-check until the year 2020, and then every two years following.
  • Electric-powered cars and motorcycles are not required to pass smog-tests.
  • For those qualifying cars, if you do not show evidence of a passed smog-check, you may not legally drive your vehicle in California.

Smog Tests

When you take your vehicle in to one of the thousands of State-licensed and independently operated smog-test centers, a few different tests could be administered. An emissions inspection will check the levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, oxygen, and oxides of nitrogen that are emitted from your car's exhaust. A technician will test the exhaust while your car is idling, during simulated driving conditions, or with help from on-board computer systems.

The information found is recorded and sent to the State, as well as made available to you. If your car passes the test, you are free to register and drive your car in California completely legally, if you car does not pass, you will be informed exactly what needs to be repaired in order to pass the inspection. These repairs will ensure that your car is helping create cleaner air for California.

Smog Test with help of Saddleback Automotive

At Saddleback Auto Repair & Smog, we're certified to smog all vehicles, including vehicles that require regular smog checks, and gross polluters. We are continually updating and upgrading all of our diagnostic equipment in order to serve our clients confidently, knowing that despite all the changes in technology, we are prepared for any automotive challenges that come our way.